Osakekirjakeräilijät Ry
Osakekirjakeräilijät Ry

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Our society, the Osakekirjakeräilijät ("share certificate collectors"), was founded in August 2007 as the successor of a short-lived informal auction club started in 1986 by the same persons. We are Finland's only association for collectors of old certificates of (mainly) Finnish shares. The activities include a web auction (in collaboration with huuto.net) of 100 stock certificates each month, disseminating of information about the hobby. Contact with our members is kept through this web site and by e-mail newsletters and occasional meetings.

The first Finnish scripophily book was published in 1980. In the 1990s interest in the collecting increased here due to the abolition of paper certificates in quoted companies, and in 2003 the first scripophily shop opened (on the web). The hobby is no doubt hampered by the limited availability of collectable Finnish items: to date certificates (excluding those in museums and archives) from only some 2.000 different companies have been recorded, a mere 100 of which are pre-1900. Thus there are so far only a few dozen active collectors in Finland.

If you would like to have more information about scripophily in Finland, please contact our Chairman:
Mr. Pekka Kantanen, Tel +358 44 355 8998

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